Our Services

Fabrication & Installation

GF have always been at the forefront of any project, so our commitment is to ensure we support our customer’s best interests.

As part of the ongoing service we offer, our team consists of a dedicated welding inspector (CSWIP 3.1) who looks after all visual inspection and NDT/Hydro/Traceability, a dedicated document controller for MDR compilation/all formal document transmissions, an AS1796 cert 10 / AS2214 cert 9 QA Manager/Responsible Welding Coordinator to look after the overall QA/QC/weld procedures, a NACE coatings inspector/expeditor along with a dedicated Project Manager for your works.

This arrangement of various QA/QC personnel leaves clients only having to utilise 1x resource for witness or hold points only (if required) on any fabrication package. All items go through NATA accredited 3rd parties for hydro testing and NDT along with NACE qualified paint yards. Complete with a live MDR being compiled during fabrication – handing them over on short notice after fabrication is standard for GF Engineering.